U.S. women's volleyball team announces 14-man roster for World Championships

The 2022 Women's Volleyball World Championship will be held in Poland and the Netherlands from September 23 to October 15, with a total of 24 teams participating in this year's World Championships. With the approach of the tournament, each team has announced its 14-team roster one after another.


U.S. women's volleyball team announced its roster

Yesterday, the gold medalist U.S. women's volleyball team for the Tokyo Olympics announced its finalists. Among them, the former Beiqi women's volleyball foreign aid Robinson was promoted to captain, while the famous Larson, who won the MVP award for women's volleyball in the Tokyo Olympics, is not on this list.

U.S. Women's Volleyball
U.S. Women's Volleyball
The U.S. women's volleyball roster is as follows:
Main attack: Robinson (captain), Wilheit, Franti, Bayema
Secondary attack: Tap, Washington, Ogbogu, Stevenson
Correspondence: Duluth, Thompson
Second Biography: Porter, Carini
Freeman: Orantes, Hunts
The U.S. women's volleyball team finished fifth in the last World Championships.

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