Donnarumma plays all games, Navas has not played in Paris for 4 months


Navas had a tough time in Paris. He also shared playing time with Donnarumma last season and has been completely dropped this season.

The World Cup is still two months away, but Navas can't play at the club, which makes people anxious. At present, Donnarumma has firmly occupied the main position.

Statistics show that Navas has not played in an official match in Paris for 4 months. The last time he represented Paris in an official match was on May 21, when Paris beat Metz 5-0 at home.

In pre-season training, Navas played in some warm-up games, but he was completely ignored by head coach Galtier after the season began.

Donnarumma has played all 90 minutes in 8 Ligue 1 games, 2 Champions League games and 1 French Super Cup this season.

After the World Cup, Navas may consider leaving Paris to find a new club.

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