Leonard: It's an honor to be favored by Dr. J


On September 27, in mid-August this year, NBA Hall of Famer and "Dr. J" Julius Erving said that he likes Kovaley Leonard the most among the current players and would like to become his mentor. In response, Leonard said at the Clippers' media day that it was his honor and that Dr. J was a player he had always admired and had imitated Dr. J's game.

In an interview with Farbod Esnaashari, the Clippers' follow-up reporter for Sports Illustrated, in mid-August this year, Dr. J said that his favorite active player is Leonard, having admired him when the latter was still playing for the Spurs. "Kaua'i always gives me a sense of affinity, I also like to watch his games the most, I wonder if he knows this," Dr. J said.

At the media day, the reporter also said that he had a chat with Dr. J at the 75-star selection ceremony. The latter also said that the active duty likes Leonard the most and is willing to be Leonard's mentor. He wondered how Leonard would react to it.

Leonard responded, "I had a chat with Dr. J right before you told me about this and how much he appreciates my game and who I am. I talked to him at All-Star Weekend, and we both I took a group photo. I asked him what he was doing now and how his time was arranged. As time went on, I think our relationship became stronger and stronger.”

Leonard continued: "It was an honor to hear Dr. J say that to me. I always looked up to him growing up, studying his game highlights, trying to imitate him, how he used his fingers. Manipulation of the basketball, of course, his desire to win. He had success in the ABA, which made him stressful when he got into the NBA, but he was successful again. I always read the stories of successful people, trying to Copy it into my own life. Hope our relationship lasts forever."

Previously, Leonard once called Iverson his childhood idol, and now he has won the favor of his predecessor, Dr. J. Will he learn from Dr. J?

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