Harden latest physique! The figure is different from last season

OKBet sports online From the start of the new season there is still a month's time, last season failed to win the powerhouse team 76ers have started early before the start of the new season training camp, and from the 76ers official team training photos, we note that the team's core backcourt Harden figure has changed significantly, from the photo Harden the whole person is a lot stronger, muscle lines are very obvious, legs thick and strong, the whole person is full of power, and last season's bloat is simply judged by the two.


In last season's game, Harden switched from the Nets to the 76ers. He averaged 22 points, 7.7 rebounds and 10.3 assists per game throughout the season. He formed a dual core with Embiid. He led the 76ers for a period of time in the early days of joining. The honeymoon period, but as injuries followed, the team gradually struggled and was eventually eliminated by the Heat in the playoffs.


Since the team was eliminated, Harden's reputation has reached the lowest level in recent years. Harden used to be a solid top-five player in the league, and he won the scoring title for many consecutive years during the Rockets period. After that, Harden experienced a sharp decline in both his personal state and his performance on the court.


In the offseason, Harden took the initiative to take a $14 million pay cut and started training early, which is a very big change from his past, the past Harden as the team boss and absolute core, rarely lead by example, but today's Harden is fully committed to training, it can be seen that Harden inside is really holding his breath, he also wants to sprint to prove that he is still the number one offensive weapon in the league, in the new season he will play what kind of performance, let's wait and see!

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