OKBet NBA news - The league's first record was born, congratulations to Leonard

Currently, the NBA trade market is in full swing, and all teams in the league are actively preparing for this no-nonsense rush to help their teams get more games in the new season, attracting the attention of tens of thousands of fans. At the same time, the dynamics outside the game are equally fascinating and worth checking out together.


It has been less than a month since the start of the new season. All participating teams are actively preparing for the championship. Among them, the Los Angeles Clippers are the most anticipated team in the new season, because the two superstars in the team are back. . Compared with last season, the Clippers' lineup has become deeper. The addition of Powell, Covington and Wall has allowed Leonard and George to have more helpers. For this reason, they are regarded as the biggest candidates for the championship in the new season. . At the same time, in order to stay healthy in the new season and lead his team back to the championship, Leonard sweated profusely on the training ground early, his body returned to the best condition, and his muscle lines were more obvious than before.


However, before the arrival of the new season, Leonard created one of the most difficult one of the NBA history record is also mentioned, he overpowered James, Jordan, Kobe, Curry, Magic and other superstars to become the holder of this record. From the data released by the American media, Leonard's winning percentage in at least 500 games was 74.5%, ranking first in NBA history, "Magic" Johnson ranked second with a winning percentage of 73.95%, "Big Bird" Bird ranked third with a winning percentage of 73.58% The winning percentage ranks third in history. According to Leonard's team, he will continue to be the holder of this record.


Although plagued by injuries in recent seasons, Leonard's stability on the court is undeniable. Even former NBA superstar O'Neal praised him and said he really enjoyed watching him play, he was never so calm on the court and always played the right way.

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