76 people official sun five tigers together: the new star main seat Harden smile Embiid stand aside a face unhappy

OKBet sports news September 27, the NBA many teams held the new season media day, the Philadelphia 76ers in which the 76ers official sunshine five main group photo, the new star Maxi stand in the main seat out of the mirror, Harden grin big smile Embiid a face unhappy.


The 76ers officially released three photos of the five main players, Maxi stepped on the basketball and stood in the main position, has long been smiling; Harden and PJ Tucker stood together, the same beard happy; Embiid stood on one side, the whole expressionless, seemingly some unhappy; in the three group photos, only Embiid did not show a smile.


The 76ers official also posted photos of other players, with a text that read: smiles on camera; Maxi is still happy with his arm around Harris; new additions PJ Tucker and Harrell are all smiles; Sable and Charles Brown are also smiling.

The 76ers also celebrated Milton and Springer's birthday today, with teammates serving them cake and singing birthday songs, and Harden coming over to celebrate with them.


In an interview, Harden joked solemnly, saying: I lost 100 pounds (about 45 kilograms) this summer, you go to Twitter; Embiid, who is sitting on the side, covers his head and laughs.

Harden took a salary cut of 10 million this summer to help the 76ers sign Tucker, Harrell and House. Embiid said: I must praise Harden. He has brought us a lot of great new aids. This is absolutely Can improve the performance of the team, thank Harden for recruiting players for the team, without him, none of this would have happened.

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