Italy 2-0 Hungary, Laspadori scores consecutive goals

Philippine time OKBet sports casino September 27th at 2:45, in the sixth round of the UEFA League A Group C, Italy played away to Hungary. The referee of this game was Bastian Benoit. In the first half, Di Lorenzo's header missed the goal, and Laspadoli pushed and scored. He is the second post-00 Italian international who has made great achievements in consecutive games after Moise Keane. In the second half, Donnarumma made many rescues, DiMarco outflanked the goal and scored the first goal of the national team. In the end, Italy 2-0 Hungary.


Key events.

In the 27th minute, Italy's high pressing in front of the field caused Hungary to miss a pass at the back, and Laspadori got the ball inside the box and pushed it into the empty net! Hungary 0-1 Italy!



In the 52nd minute, Barrera shoved it straight into the box, Cristante stepped in and crossed it on the bottom line, DiMarco stabbed it at the back to extend the score! Hungary 0-2 Italy!



Full time, Hungary 0-2 Italy!

Starting lineups for both sides.

Italy starters: 1-Donnarumma, 2-Dilorenzo (89'17-Mazogi), 19-Bonucci, 15-Achelbi (46'23-Bastogni), 4-Tolloi, 16-Cristante, 8-Jorginho (72'6-Bobega), 3-Dimarco, 10-Laspadori (71'9-Scamacca), 11-Niotto (65'20- Gabbiadini), 18-Barrera  

Subs: 12-Meret, 21-Vicario, 5-Luis Felipe, 7-Flatesi, 13-Esposito, 14-Griffo, 22-Zerbin   

Hungary starters: 1-Gulasic, 2-Adam Lang, 6-Orban, 4-Otillo Sauroi, 5-Fiora, 8-Adam Nagy (46'17-Steels), 13-Schäfer, 18-Kolkez (56'16-Gauzdauer), 10-Sobosloi (84'15-Klein Heisler), 7-Nego (74'14-Bolo), 9- Adam Szoloy (74'19-Adam)   

Subs not on the pitch: 12-Dibush, 22-Saubonosh, 3-Moch, 11-Kevin Varga, 20-Borat, 21-Botka, 23-Vichyi

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