International friendly match-Brazil beat Ghana 3-0

Brazil beat Ghana 3-0 in the national team warm-up match. Marquinhos scored with a header in the 9th minute, Neymar scored with an assist from Richarlison in the 28th minute, and Neymar scored with another assist from Richarlison with a header in the 40th minute.


Ghanaian midfielder Thomas was injured during the pre-match warm-up and missed the match. In the 4th minute, Paqueta crossed the ball from the right and Richarlison shot high from inside the box. In the 6th minute, Neymar broke through the ball and passed it to Vinicius, who crossed it from the left. In the 9th minute, Rafinha took a corner kick from the right side, and Marquinhos scored with a header, Brazil 1-0! In the 15th minute, Vinicius crossed the ball from the left side, and Rafinha at the back of the penalty area shot it off. In the 20th minute, Vinicius crossed the ball on the left side of the box, and Neymar shot was saved by the goalkeeper.


In the 28th minute, Thiago Silva passed the ball directly to Neymar, and Richarlison scored directly from the box line without stopping the ball.


In the 40th minute, Neymar took a left free kick, Richarlison scored twice with a header, Brazil 3-0! In the 41st minute, Paqueta's shot from the right side of the penalty area was saved by the goalkeeper. In the 45th minute, Andre Ayew fell in the penalty area. Casemiro stepped forward and accused the opponent of diving. The two clashed and were each shown a yellow card by the referee. At the end of the first half, Brazil temporarily led Ghana 3-0.

Both teams made a change at the start of the second half, with Juve center back Bremer making his first appearance for the Brazilian national team. In the 46th minute, Ondoy fouled Vinicius and was warned by the referee with a yellow card. In the 47th minute, Brazil took a corner kick and goalkeeper Wollecott knocked the ball away. In the 50th minute, Williams crossed the ball from the right and Andre Ayew failed to parry it inside the penalty area. In the 53rd minute, Idrissou Baba received a yellow card for a foul on Richarlison. In the 56th minute, Williams broke into the box with the ball from the right and crossed it in, but Bremer got down and cleared the ball off the line. In the 57th minute, Ghana took a corner kick and Andre Ayew hit the crossbar with a header. In the 59th minute, Williams took a direct pass from a teammate and shot from the right side of the box, but Bremer blocked the ball.
In the 61st minute, Williams was offside. In the 66th minute, Neymar took a free kick from the left side and the ball was parried by the Ghanaian goalkeeper. Then, Ghana counterattacked with a cross from the left side, but Williams in the penalty area missed the chance by stopping the ball too much. In the 77th minute, Neymar fouled Koudouz and was warned by the referee with a yellow card. In the 81st minute, Neymar took the ball and crossed into the box, but his final shot was too light for the goalkeeper to save. In the 82nd minute, Jordan Ayew crossed the ball into the box from the left side and Alisson picked it up. In the 84th minute, Brazil took a corner kick and Bremer's header was cleared off the line by the opposing defender. In the 86th minute, Neymar shot high from the top of the box. In the 87th minute, Rodrigo's one-touch shot from the left side of the box was parried, and then Salisu blocked Cunha's follow-up shot on the goal line. The match ended with Brazil beating Ghana 3-0.
Brazil starting lineup 4231: 1-Allison/14-Milidang, 3-Tiago Silva (46' 22-Bremer), 4-Maginhos, 6-Telez/5-Casemiro (63' 15-Fabinho), 7-Paqueta (78' 11-Everton)/19-Rafinha (78' 26-Rodrigo), 10-Neymar, 20-Vinicius ( 63' 18-Anthony)/9-Richarlison(63' 21-Cunha)
Ghana starting lineup 451: 16-Wolecott / 3-Odoi (71' 2-Lamptey), 18-Amatae, 23-Djiku, 17-Rahman Baba / 22-Sulemana (46' 19-Williams), 20-Kudus (83' 8-Koyere), 21-Idrisu Baba (71' 6-Ousu), 10-Andre Ayew (71' 27-Semeno), 13-Gyan (46' 4-Salisu)/9-Jordan Ayew

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