The Warriors officially announced the 20-man roster: Iguodala officially returned to the team Curry led the 14+2 core defending lineup

OKBet sports news On September 27, the Warriors officially announced the renewal of Iguodala's contract, and a brother returned to fight for the last year, and he will retire after the end of the new season; The Warriors' 20ers training camp roster for the new season was officially released, and Curry Klay led the 14+2 defending lineup.


The Warriors officially announced the renewal of Iguodala's contract, and the details of the contract have not yet been revealed; Earlier, Cole said that Iguodala wanted to retire, and they persuaded Iguodala to fight for another year at the last minute.

Iguodala was out of the training camp two days before his absence, and he has now returned to the team; In an interview today, Iguodala revealed the reason for the decision to fight for another year, saying: "Before making the decision, I sat down with Rick Celebrini (the head of sports medicine and sports management in the Warriors' logistics department) and made a plan for how to manage the pressure that playing brings to the body, which was the decisive factor in my decision to return.

For the Warriors in the new season, Iguodala said: "It looks like our second roster is stronger.



Iguodala returns and the Warriors announce their 20-man roster:

14 players on full contract: Curry, Green, Thompson, Wiggins, Poole, Iguodala, Kuminga, Moody, Wiseman, Looney, Vincenzo, Baldwin, Jamaicao Green and Rawlings

2 players on two-way contracts: Witherspoon and Lester Ginones

4 players on training camp contract: Jerome Robinson, Mike Long, Trevien Williams and Pat Spencer


The Warriors' new season 14+2 defending lineup has been determined, compared to last season, the Warriors' core lineup for winning the championship is in place, and Curry, Thompson, Green and others continue to lead the team to the championship; New signings Devinchonzo, Baldwin and Jamaicao Green can fill the void for Payton Jr., Otto Porter, Anderson and others.

On Media Day this year, Curry, Thompson and Green were all photographed with four championship trophies when they took their make-up photos, and they will impact their fifth career crown in the new season.

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