Lakers media day, James responded to a series of questions, the three giants took a happy photo together, and Pei always hoped that the thick eyebrows would lead the team

OKBet sports news On September 27th, the Lakers officially held the media day of the 22-23 season. The Lakers three giants took a group photo and took a makeup photo with the new coach Hamm; James responded to the early renewal of the contract, the new season is expected to be crowned as the historical scoring champion and other topics; Sbrook appeared with a laugh and responded whether he was needed or not, without a starting commitment; Anthony Davis bluntly said that he was under pressure, and Pelinka hoped that Anthony Davis would lead the team and was willing to continue to strengthen around James.


Lakers media day, when James, Davis and Westbrook took a makeup photo together, the three of them were very happy talking and laughing, James smiled and put his arms around his thick eyebrows; the Big Three also took a photo with the new coach Hamm, the Lakers official push The accompanying text reads: A new journey begins.


What did James say on Lakers media day?

Speaking of renewing the contract early in the offseason, James said: I came here because I believe in this team, and I'm still here, it's that simple. I am loyal to this team.

This summer, James and the Lakers signed a two-year, $97.1 million contract ahead of schedule.

Talking about the team's primary goal in the new season, James said: Do a good job of defense. Obviously in the game you're going to shoot, but teams that can defend well are more successful than us; I'm going to focus on my game and play my part on the court.

Talking about the mini training camp in San Diego, James said: The most important thing is that we have completed some good cooperation on the court, and everyone has returned to the team safely.

Talking about the prospect of surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to be crowned the all-time scoring leader in the new season, James said: "I'm in awe of this. It's a bit like, 'Wow', to be able to sit here and learn that I'm expected to break the most probable record in the NBA. A sought-after record, which humbles me deeply.

At present, James' career regular season total score is 37,062 points, ranking second in history, while the first Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is 38,387 points, and he can be crowned the regular-season scoring champion with 1,326 points in the new season.

When asked if he thinks Westbrook can be effective in the Lakers, James said: Of course he can. I'm looking forward to being able to travel with him this season, it's going to be a great season for him and we'll be with him. Here we are, this starts tomorrow and it's all about putting in the effort. When you put in the effort, you will see results. So, I'm looking forward to that.

Speaking of missing the playoffs last season, James said: When the playoffs started, I was on vacation in the Maldives and got up every morning to watch the game. I don't like that feeling and taste, but because I love basketball, I still watch every playoff game; missing the playoffs makes me motivated, and I'm looking forward to bringing the team back to the playoffs in the new season, Compete for what we all want.


Westbrook grinned in an interview and said: The offseason has been good for both me and James, and we had a conversation together about how we can be successful together.

Talking about whether he feels needed by the team, Westbrook said: It doesn't matter if they want me to stay in the team, my job is to behave a little more professionally and train as usual.

Lakers new coach Hamm said that Westbrook did everything he was asked to do in the offseason, but Hamm did not promise to make Westbrook start in the new season, only that the team has many choices.


Speaking of last season, Davis said: I was frustrated by the absence of injuries last season, which prevented me from playing too much time with James and Westbrook; in the new season, I, James and Westbrook both feel there Pressure, and we have to accept that and start preparing tomorrow.

Davis also talked about his health: Judging from the training plan, I did the same thing in the offseason this year as I did in the offseason last year. I suffered two injuries that were uncontrollable. I landed on my knee and another time on someone else's foot; this offseason gave me more time to recover and heal from my injuries.

Regarding Davis' situation, Pelinka said: He came back with the mentality of leading the team. In terms of his physical recovery, I think you will be surprised by what he has done.

Pelinka also expressed his willingness to continue to strengthen around James, saying: You can send several draft picks in one transaction, and if you make a transaction, make sure that the transaction is correct. So we're very careful about how we use our remaining assets. LeBron is going into his 20th season and he's one of the best players of all time and I want to do everything I can to improve the team, including the draft picks, to make sure I'm making the right trades of.

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