Shohei Otani tied for personal best with 11 hits

In the last game of the Angels' 3-game streak away from the Shuangcheng, Otani Shohei was the 3rd designated starting batter. He scored 2 hits in 5 hits in a single game and 1 RBI from outside, helping the Angels to a 10-3 victory. Otani wrote 11 consecutive hits. It tied the record for the longest career in the personal major league, but even 13 games without a shot also set a personal record for the longest this season.

Otani hit a single in the center field in the first hit, and the Twins made a pass error in the center field, allowing Mike Trout to run back to the Angels for the first point, and Otani hit the next three hits. He was out of the game until the fifth inning of 9 innings, caught a 98.8 mile (about 159 km) fastball, hit another hit and earned 1 RBI. The Angels scored 5 points in this half inning and won 10-3 at the end. .

Otani has accumulated 93 RBIs so far, and he is 7 RBIs away from reaching 100 RBIs in two consecutive seasons. With 9 games remaining this season, Otani is expected to achieve his goal, and he also has 2 pitching opportunities. The all-time record for the number of seats played is only 9 innings away.

Angels acting head coach Phil Nevin praised Daegu, "I hope he hits (100 RBIs) and has a little time, he's playing well."


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