The Guardians set a new record with 16 rookies

The Cleveland Guardians defeated the Texas Rangers 10-3 today and won the AL Central Division championship with 86 wins and 67 losses. This is the second time in team history since 2018. The young and average 26.2-year-old lineup smashed the doubts that the season was not optimistic, and also wrote the division championship record with the most major league zero-experienced rookies in history.

In the first year after the name change, the Guardians were predicted to have a 6.4% chance of dominating the division at the start of the season, and their winning rate was seen to be less than 50%. Won 18 wins in 21 games and officially won the AL Central Throne.

The Guardians have as many as 16 rookies this season, and the average age is only 26.2 years old. They are the youngest team in the major leagues this season. After they are confirmed to advance to the playoffs, they also become the 8th team in history to be the youngest team in this season. Teams entering the playoffs, in addition, 16 rookies also wrote a division championship record with the most major league zero-experience rookies in history.


"What's wrong with being young?" Se Young called out after the game for Shane Bieber, and the Guardian's record is the best answer to this question. Age is not a problem.

Guardians president Chris Antonetti said, "Each team has its own identity and its own chemistry, and it takes a while to build up over time. You can see that in this The year that was ours was taking shape, and people embraced it and started taking off.”

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