Korean pro baseball players travel to U.S. for pro-invitation classic Korean tool responded


Korea has been criticized for its poor performance in the Tokyo Olympics. Next year's Classic is an important opportunity to revive the team, in addition to actively recruiting Korean major league players, the Korean team will also have at least 50 players on the big list.

In addition to Choi Ji-man and Kim Ha-sung, the team plans to visit Cardinals second baseman Tommy Edman, Rangers pitcher Dane Dunning, Red Sox tool Rob Refsnyder, Rockies outfielder Connor Joe, and Blue Jays 40th overall. Connor Joe and Blue Jays 40-man roster pitcher Mitch White.

According to Sports Seoul, the evaluation of pitchers Donnie and White in spring training is a big burden, and Donnie just had surgery on the 25th, so the chance of "overseas pitchers" participating is close to 0. Red Sox tool Ralph Snyder met with the Korean staff last weekend, and he expressed his intention to consider playing in the Classic, and the Korean team suggested that he could play in the Major League Baseball Stars' visit to Korea in November. The Major League Baseball All Stars will play two games against the Korean team on November 11 and 12 in Busan and November 14 and 15 in Seoul's Gosu Dome.

The Korean team's pitching lineup for the Classic will be dominated by Korean professional candidates. Head coach Lee Keung-cheol said in an interview, "It would be a great benefit to play against major league level hitters before the WBC, and it would be a great experience, especially for young pitchers.

The WBC Classic will submit its preliminary 35-man roster in January next year, and the 28-man roster must be finalized in February. Due to the slowdown of the epidemic next year, the Korean team has started its overseas spring training trip again. 7 teams are expected to go to the United States for spring training, and Lee Keung Che plans to conduct national team training in the United States in February first, and then warm-up games in Japan before the opening in early March.

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